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Our chefs have crafted a menu that will take your dining experience to new heights. Our Menu will transport your taste buds straight to the heart of culinary paradise.


Toula’s Greek Restraurant is owned by Paul Fagas, the original owner of Toula’s Taverna in Hatfield. Toula's was Paul’s godmother, sadly she is no longer with us but her spirit still lives on. We re-opened Toula’s on 25 June 2015. The restaurant is situated in a beautiful lifestyle centre called In Shere which is based in Shere, Pretoria East.

We had been wanting to re-open Toula’s for a while now but we were looking for the right spot. We decided to drop the ‘Taverna’ and just call it Toula’s as we wanted to do things a little differently this time round. We wanted to have some fusion between the traditional Greek food and some interesting new additions. The restaurant has a modern feel without losing its warmth and of course has a hint of ‘village’!

We serve traditional Greek dishes as well as some Greek fusion dishes…Greek with a twist! There are no main meals on our menu, all dishes are mezedes. The idea is to order a variety of different items, place them in the centre of the table and enjoy the feast, together, in a more sociable way. 

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